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Lilian's gallery is a beautiful exhibition space for visitors in Stramproy. It is the gallery of the South where artists theire work, rationale, history and more may expose to the public. The gallery aims to show art of  high quality, innovative, appropriate to the time, special material, confrontational, etc. All exhibitions als special and on occasion.

Whether it is a social issue, relates to the local culture or a global problem, art in all forms is welcome at the gallery.

The gallery supported artists by offering them excellent exposure opportunities at a good location.

In short, it is an inspiring and lovely art place for everyone.

The gallery has a positive effect on the neighborhood and its residents. The space inspires the artists to new creations. In turn can inspire the work of the artists entrepreneurs again. This can be done in many ways. For example, by excelent exhibitions, during a special lecture, networking reception, meeting or brainstorming session.

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