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Visual ARTist

Every archaeologist will be able to tell you that a lot of our knowledge about the earliest civilizations is based on findings of ceramic objects in the earth. For our ancestors clay was a very important raw material in shaping their existence.

The work of Lilian Creemers refers to this ancient basis from which she shapes the clay with its unprecedented possibilities. Because of trying testing and experiencing she searches for primitive baking methods and functional glazing and decoration techniques. By this she succeeds in keeping the materials in their value and still using them optimally for the emotions she wants to express.

In her work the starting point is each time the motives of our earliest existence. In this the elements, water, fire, earth, air and metal are essential and for her they represent the basis of our existence. 

By working with certain themes Lilian creates each time a perfect framework for making conscious choices which broaden the field of vision. shape, texture, mass and colour are parts of this framework and by their simplicity, they determine the quality that the ceramic art of Lilian radiates.

Also in the choices she makes for the exhibit of her work pieces an important consideration is that you as a spectator, visitor of the exhibition, can feel that the experience you acquire has deep roots and goes beyond the here and now. So are the ceramics of Lilian Creemers no longer or only utensils, but do they encourage reflection and enjoyment according to an ancient tradition and like this they transcend themself.

DSC_0004Lilian Creemers1_edited
DSC_0004Lilian Creemers1_edited
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