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"Today, art is as important to humans as ever before every civilization: she is food for the mind.


Clearly, there is no joy similar to that of good music, art, drama or literature. After all, it's recordings of human experience and all they view or undergo share that experience. It is reassuring to find recognition in an artwork of emotions or ideas that you have felt or might have!


The arts are the connection of people of the past and our own humanity now.

It's amazing how art can unite people around the world. Regardless of where they come from or from which culture. Art transcends cultural differences and determines what the unique "human being" means.


To me personally this is an important reason for the preservation and promotion of the arts.

With my work as an artist, owner of Art Issues Gallery and with several art-projects we bring people together to experience this experience. "


Lilian Creemers




Lilian Creemers

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